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Reminder: Understanding Disability – Call to Share Your Experience Aging with A Disability

Your help is needed! A PhD candidate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County is looking for people aged 60 and over who have lived all or the majority of their lives with a disability and who are willing to share their experiences about their lives with a disability and about getting older. This is a completely voluntary study! Anyone who identifies as an aging person living with a disability since their 22nd birthday may participate.

What’s in it for me, you may ask?

By participating in my study you may gain good feelings about your role in a study that is intended to help better understand the lives of those aging with a lifelong disability. You may possibly help improve the lives of others in the future.

To find out more about the study or to speak to the researcher about how you or a loved one can participate, please contact Jennifer Howard at [email protected] or (262) 910-1540.


  1. Karen Lee says

    I had polio in 1947 on Japan where my father was stationed. They thought I had had a complete revovery. I began having problemse in 1977 after a back injury. At first I used a cane, then a walker all the while using a scooter for long distances. I began having fatigue which has increased as I’ve aged
    My balance and concentrationeber have been severly affected. I’m 70 now and I’m trying to avoid being in a wheelchair permanently. It may be fruitless but never the less I try. I was always so active its disheartening to be unable to do most of the things I enjoyed like dancing, water sking etc. I’m still alive and walking, so many lost their lives or were never able to walk again. I’m one of the lucky ones.