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The Maker’s Movement: An Update from the NCIL Assistive Technology Subcommittee

Does anyone know someone who has assistive technology that is sitting in a closet, not being used? Is there something uncomfortable about a device? Does it not work as expected? Do you know someone who needs assistive technology but cannot afford the cost? The Maker’s Movement may be the answer to some of these concerns.

Many library districts and colleges sponsor “Maker’s Events” where a person can request assistance to design assistive technology that can help a person to complete tasks more comfortably and efficiently. There may be a “make-a-thon” event in your community. To find more information go to:

This new trend is a result of the Do-It-Yourself movement and advances made in miniaturizing inexpensive electronic devices. People have long been frustrated with the high cost of assistive technology and the limits on custom fitting items to accommodate specific situations. Advances and information sharing are moving access to affordable assistive technology forward; and it may even be possible to print 3D prosthetics.

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    How can I participate on this subcommittee?