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Breaking News: ADAPT Protesting NOW in Majority Leader McConnell’s Office – Take Local Action!

Right now, members of the national disability rights organization ADAPT are staging a die-in at Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell’s office. The activists are protesting McConnell’s Senate healthcare bill, demanding he bring an end to the attacks on disabled people’s freedom we expect to see.

ADAPT Logo - Free Our PeopleThe Medicaid caps proposed in this bill and the resulting cuts can only lead to two outcomes for the disability community: people being forced into nursing facilities and other institutions, and people dying because they cannot get the services they need. The fact that this terrible bill is being released on the 18th anniversary of the Olmstead decision is an even further affront to the disability community!

Millions of disabled Americans will be harmed if this terrible law is enacted. McConnell seems intent on pushing the legislation through regardless of the cost to our community, so we need your help to fight it! We have fought too hard for our freedom to do nothing as the Majority leader and his cronies plot to take it away from us.

NCIL logo - National Council on Independent LivingPlease join the fight by doing the following:

  • Call the press and urge them to cover this story! Tell them about the ADAPT action, but more importantly tell them why Medicaid and healthcare are so important to you. Get them to report on all of the ways this bill will restrict our freedom and limit our lives.
  • ADAPT has put out a press release. Please feel free to use this as a template for a press release on behalf of your CIL or organization!
  • Call Senator McConnell’s office and demand an end to any legislation that caps or cuts Medicaid! The phone number for his DC office is: (202) 224-2541 and his Fax number is: (202) 224-2499.
  • Call your Senators and demand they not support any legislation that caps or cuts Medicaid! You can get a hold of them through the Capitol Switchboard at: (202) 224-3121.


  1. No…. all taxpayers will pay for whatever you insurance deniers refuse to. Hospitals and clinics will end up suing individuals to try to regain the money they deserve for their services. When they bankrupt people, they will then have to write off huge bills people cannot pay, which makes them unable to provide state of the art services. More importantly, millions of people will stop seeking care for serious medical issues and possibly die because of it. Go ahead…dump your bills on everyone else. That is really UNAmerican….but it is what the rich have been doing for years and years. All government employees should be forced to live with this program. No special coverage for them. Not all of them are rich…not all of them are as heartless as the GOP leadership, but if they are forced to live like the rest of America, this bill will not have a chance in Hell of passing.

  2. cheryl covington says

    That money, Tax Cuts, for Rich people, does not belong to them. Many Many Many People have worked ,given their time,helped to get this money,Tax Cuts, for the rich. We all did are parts to pay for Medicaid. Now many Republicans want to take our Medicaid away to give the money to Rich people. KEEP OUR MEDICARE…

  3. Melissa R says

    Just watching the news and the fight for medical care insurance for people w disabilities. God Bless all those that protested! We’re zip cuffs really necessary? Seriously are you Kidd me. Ridiculous. I’m a parent of a son w disability or should I just say Strength! And a daughter of a mother w many. Fight on !❤️❤️