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Update from the NCIL Education Subcommittee

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The Education Subcommittee is seeking new members. The Education Subcommittee monitors and participates in the development and implementation of education-related federal legislation and policy. The Subcommittee encourages grassroots efforts to advocate for strong education policy and implementation at the federal, state and local level. If you are interested in joining the Subcommittee, please contact Maureen Hollowell at [email protected], 757-351-1584 (voice), or 757-461-7527 (TDD).

Budget Sequestration

If sequestration occurs at the end of the year, funds for public education will be significantly reduced. School districts will need to make difficult decisions about services. It will be very important that advocates remind students, parents and educators that Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act must still be implemented. Part B includes the provision of IEP services, accommodations and other related provisions. Student rights and school responsibility for Part B implementation is not tied to federal funding. Student rights and school responsibility for Part B implementation must be upheld regardless of sequestration.