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TRANSED: Mobility, Accessibility & Demand Response Transportation Conference

Source: Transportation Research Board

Convened by Transportation Research Board, the TRANSED: Mobility, Accessibility & Demand Response Transportation Conference will be held virtually, September 12-16, 2022. This conference combines two long standing conferences with similar content: the “16th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Older Adults and People with Disabilities (TRANSED)” and the “5th International Conference on Demand Responsive Transport (DRT)”. The theme of this combined conference is “Inclusive Accessible and Sustainable Demand Response Transportation”. The Conference aims to describe current global research, services to improve mobility and accessibility for individuals with disabilities and for older adults, and best practices in providing demand responsive transportation (paratransit).

The overarching conference theme addresses the chasm between academic research and real-world planning practice and project implementations of sustainable, inclusive and accessible mobility. Conferees will also address the disconnect between the transportation analyses that agencies conduct and conditions on the ground for providers of sustainable and accessible mobility solutions. Successful implementation of mobility concepts is reliant on inclusive design, a business and service plan to attract and retain riders and funding, staff and user training, and a comprehensive accessible technology base. Accordingly, we seek contributions from researchers, practitioners, and others, such as non-profits and charitable organizations and manufacturers. 

Participants will represent a wide range of lived and professional experiences and discuss how diverse perspectives are included in policy development, project selection, and mitigation to advance transportation inclusion and accessibility.