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Transcript of the 2019 NCIL Awards Luncheon

The CART Transcript of protest at the NCIL 2019 Awards Banquet is available below. You can also read the full transcript.

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) captioning is provided in order to facilitate communication accessibility and may not be a totally verbatim record of the proceedings.

SARAH LAUNDERVILLE: Thank you, Marca! So I want to acknowledge the folks who are here with posters, for a couple of reasons. One, I think, that their message is really powerful.

Especially in this time. And secondly, I want to acknowledge that not everybody can read those posters. Is there anyone who would like to speak from this group? No? Okay.

So, go ahead.

>> I would be happy to support, if anybody would like me to read posters. If you could show me your posters one at a time, I would be glad to read them for access. I’m going to be going from my right to left. “America is the land of immigrants”. Do you want to read the next one?

>> The second sign is, “Know me, not my skin!”

>> We have one more sign that ended up in the corner over here to my right. “Libertad and Justicia, Not Promises. #DisabilitySolidarity.”

This sign says, “Never Again #FreeOurPeople”.

>> “To all disability organizations, disabled people of color demand change. Not words and diversity quote plans or statements! #Intersectionality!”

>> “When we demand liberation, we demand liberation for all. #DisabilitySolidarity.”

>> “No one is free, until everyone is free. Disability leadership must include disabled people of color!”


>> “We are tired of listening sessions. We demand action!”

>> “Disabled black and indigenous people of color demand action, not just words”. Sorry I can’t see here, “#DisabilitySolidarity!”

>> Thank you so much.

SARAH LAUNDERVILLE: (Continuing) We appreciate, this ‑‑ Do you have something? I couldn’t tell if Kelly ‑‑ …. Coming up, Kelly? Sorry, I’m trying to figure out the logistics.

>> I appreciate all of you. I see all of you, who are here today with these posters, and I appreciate that you’re bringing this forward to our community. So thank you.

Yes? No, Kelly? Sorry, I have ‑‑ I’m filling in, so, so sorry about the logistics piece. (Sarah Launderville).

KELLY: (Approaching the stage) (confers with Sarah Launderville).

(A pause).

SARAH LAUNDERVILLE: (Reapproaching podium) Sorry about that. I was seeing if there was someone else that was supposed to speak today. I apologize. This ends our program for today, I want to thank all of you for being here.

I want to thank our folks who came out, and put themselves on the line, and shared with us what they want to see in terms of action and change as we move forward.

I also want to thank our sponsors for this event, Centene Corporation, and Anthem and we’re going to take a break for a moment. I want to invite everyone back to our Annual Meeting that’s happening at 2:30 today, where there will be more opportunity to share about where you’re coming from in this movement. Thank you so much for being here today!

FROM THE FLOOR: Mic check.

>> We are here!

>> To speak about.

>> To speak about discriminatory, violent treatment of disabled immigrants, undocumented folks and people of color! And our intersections! We demand action!

>> We demand action! Not just words!

>> Not just words.

>> All disability organizations!

>> All disability organizations! All disability organizations!

>> All disability organizations! Including outside the CIL network!

>> Must be held accountable!

>> Must be held accountable.

>> For their racism. For their racism. Xenophobia! Homophobia! And ableism!

>> And ableism!

(1:50:34 p.m.).