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Top Five Reasons to Confirm Tom Perez Secretary of Labor

Tom Perez1. During his time as Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice, Mr. Perez has shown exceptional leadership enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision.

These efforts have given thousands of people with disabilities better opportunity to live in their own homes and communities, and to contribute as full members of society. Olmstead enforcement has resulted in a much-needed acceleration of efforts in a number of states to expand access to cost-effective community-based services and supports under the Medicaid program.

2. The next Secretary of Labor is an appointment that is critically important to the Independent Living and disability communities.

As the nation continues to recover from the economic downturn, strong leadership at the Department of Labor is critical to people with disabilities, who have experienced disproportionate unemployment rates historically and who have been hit especially hard by the recession.

3. Tom Perez has demonstrated his commitment to Independent Living and the disability community by delivering the keynote address at the 2010 Annual Conference on Independent Living. In 2011, NCIL presented him with the President’s Award for his work in the field of civil rights. 

Perez has been a strong ally to the disability community, and the National Council on Independent Living is steadfastly in support of a swift confirmation to the position of Secretary of Labor.

4. Tom Perez has proven his loyalty to justice, and will unquestionably be an outstanding Secretary of Labor.

The Secretary of Labor plays an important role in protecting workers’ rights and stimulating job creation. Perez has stated clearly that he believes “the mission of the Department of Labor, now more than ever, is the mission of America. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!” Perez shares the president’s “vision of a growing economy powered by a rising middle class, with ladders of opportunity available to everyone willing to climb them.”

5. Mr. Perez is a champion of civil rights, and has served our nation with integrity.

Perez has proven his commitment to civil rights at the local, state, and national levels. In addition to his current role leading the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Perez worked for Senator Ted Kennedy and helped craft his civil rights agenda.

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