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Tell NCIL What Independent Living Means to You!

Independent Living means many things to many people. We’re working on a project that we hope will help introduce people to the concept of Independent Living.

Will you help us by telling us what Independent Living means to you?

Submissions should be a word or short phrase. You can enter as many words or phrases as you like. We encourage our membership to get creative with this project. Please share this announcement with your staff, volunteers, or membership.

You can submit your entries online. All entries are anonymous. The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 12, 2013.


  1. CILs are the first and last bastion of advocacy, empowerment and dignity for & by people with disabilities, regardless of disability or age. It is these criterions of CILs, through the advocacy efforts of consumers and staff that will enable our society to become as accessible as possible, because when our society becomes accessible for & by people with disabilities, it will be accessible for all. When that time comes, CILs will no longer be needed because with absolute and full societal access, people with disabilities will become fully empowered with the dignity and respect that comes about through having the same access to all of societies; services, programs and activities as everyone else within that society.

  2. Independent Living means to me, being free of ANY barriers that are presented to a person with a disability.

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