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Share Your Thoughts: Help Us Make Our Conference More Accessible

Every year, people come to Washington, DC to attend NCIL’s Annual Conference. We talk about how to make sure people with disabilities can live in our communities and have control over our lives. It is a chance to learn, plan, advocate, and have fun together. But we know the conference is not accessible to everyone in our community. And we want to change that.

Are you interested in presenting at – or attending – the NCIL Conference? Have you found it is not accessible to you? If so, we want to hear from you.

We want to hear from everyone; but we especially want to hear from people from groups who have been underrepresented at the Conference. This includes people whose disabilities are underrepresented, and multi-marginalized disabled people.

We need your input and guidance; but we are ready to do the work. And we are committed to working – on our own, and with you – to address these barriers. We want to make our conference as accessible as possible.

Contact us!

Are there barriers to the NCIL Conference for you? NCIL’s staff and Conference Committee want to work with you to figure out what they are and how to address them. Please contact us using one of the methods below and share any thoughts you have:

Feedback can be anonymous, or you can share your name and contact information for follow-up.

We are committed to making changes. We are committed to becoming the inclusive movement we’ve needed to be. This is only one part of our work – but it is an important place to start.

Thank you for your help.

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