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New NCIL Program Announcement: Welcome to next.!

As many of you may have heard, over the past few months, NCIL has been working towards a new intersectional and intergenerational program aimed at uniting the disability world. Today, we are officially announcing our latest program, next.

The goal of next. is to bring together the disability justice movement and achieve change faster as one unit. We want the ADA Generation to learn from those who came before and the tactics they used to accomplish their advocacy. But we also want to bring the younger perspectives and knowledge into the playing field and lift the disability justice movement into the modern era.

This program will be entirely virtual, and over the course of the next few years, we will be building an intersectional platform that represents ALL people with disabilities.

It’s time everyone. Let’s unite and create a strong disability justice movement so that the next. generation has full justice in the US.

You can follow along with next. at or via NCIL’s social media. As stated above, if you are interested in taking part in a campaign or network building, please reach out to me directly at [email protected]

next. logo: Connecting the next generation of disability advocates.

Looking forward to the future!

Jenny Sichel, next. Program Coordinator