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Violence and Abuse of People with Disabilities

Approved by the NCIL membership May, 2006

WHEREAS, the prevalence of violence/abuse of people with disabilities exceeds that of people without disabilities in our society; and

WHEREAS, recent years have seen an increase in federal monies for training and technical assistance to increase victim service provider’s capacity to serve women with disabilities and Deaf women; and

WHEREAS, numerous highly publicized cases of violence/abuse of persons with disabilities indicates that these efforts have been inadequate in changing the response of victim service agencies; and 

WHEREAS, sixty (60) representatives from centers for independent living across the country voiced their concerns at the 2004 annual conference and believe that NCIL and its membership should take a leadership role in addressing violence/abuse of people with disabilities.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: that NCIL acknowledges that violence/abuse occurs in the lives of people with disabilities and that this victimization creates a major barrier to achieving independence.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that NCIL will encourage the administration and legislature to allocate resources to improve access to services for persons with disabilities who are victimized and to address legislation and public policy that affect victims with disabilities.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that NCIL will encourage its membership to develop strategies to address violence/abuse of the people with disabilities in their communities; to advocate for equal access to victim services and to promote justice for people with disabilities who are victims of violence/abuse.

Respectfully submitted by:

Leslie Myers, MS, CRC, CDVC, Domestic Violence Specialist/Counselor
IndependenceFirst 600 W Virginia 4th Floor, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Roberta Sick, Project Director, Partners for Inclusive Communities-UAMS
2001 Pershing Circle, Suite 300 North Little Rock, AR 72114

Mary Oschwald, Regional Research Institute, Portland State University
PO Box 751, 1600 SW 4th St Suite 900, Portland OR  97207


IndependenceFirst in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Regional Research Institute, Portland State University in Portland, Oregon

Partners for Inclusive Communities-UAMS in North Little Rock, Arkansas

Delta Resource Center for IL in Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Mainstream Independent Living Resource Center in Little Rock, Arkansas

Wisconsin Coalition of Independent Living Centers in Madison, Wisconsin

Arkansas Independent Living Council in Arkansas

Spa Area Independent Living Services in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women, Deaf and Disabled Services

Steve Weiss, Disability Advocate

Connie Kramer

Center for Independent Living of Broward

Communities Against Violence Network (CAVNET)