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Support of Healthy and Nontoxic Housing

Approved by the NCIL membership June, 2009

WHEREAS, NCIL believes it is the commitment of the Independent Living Movement to support and advocate for accessible and affordable housing for all people with disabilities throughout the United States.

WHEREAS, all people with disabilities need housing that will preserve health and vitality and preclude exposures that may further compromise wellbeing. 

WHEREAS conventional housing that is not healthy and nontoxic is not accessible for people with chemical and electrical sensitivities and for others with environmental disabilities.

WHEREAS there is significant and increasing knowledge about housing design and construction, products and furnishings, maintenance and operations practices, and management policies which should translate into housing that is healthier for all people.

WHEREAS the U. S. Access Board in its Indoor Environmental Quality Report addresses the need for healthier buildings for all people and more accessible buildings for those with chemical and electrical sensitivities.

WHEREAS efforts that advocate and promote Universal Design should be coupled with the need for healthy and nontoxic housing.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: that the National Council on Independent Living will encourage and support housing that is accessible, affordable, and healthy and nontoxic. It will support efforts that promote Universal Design and healthy and nontoxic housing that is accessible for all people with disabilities.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that the National Council on Independent Living will also encourage its membership to support advocacy efforts to provide accessible housing for people with chemical and electrical sensitivities and other environmental disabilities whose needs may be more stringent than the general population through legislative efforts, education, training, and outreach.

Submitted by: Mary Lamielle

Supported by:

Susan Molloy, Arizona

Marilyn Golden, Policy Analyst, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF), California

June Isaacson Kailes, Disability Policy Consultant, California

Caroline Stevenson, Connecticut

Mary Lamielle, New Jersey

New Horizons Independent Living Center, Prescott Valley, Arizona,

Liz Toone, Executive Director

National Center for Environmental Health Strategies, Voorhees, New Jersey