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Membership Criteria

Approved by the NCIL membership July, 2005

WHEREAS, NCIL is a membership organization that is open to any individual or entity that affirms NCIL principles and philosophy and pays dues; and

WHEREAS, NCIL desires to advance its mission, goals, advocacy priorities and the IL philosophy; and

WHEREAS, NCIL desires to strengthen its organization through increasing membership; and 

WHEREAS, there has been a growing concern and controversy amongst members and potential members around NCIL’s membership application process; and

WHEREAS, requiring members to fill out and sign membership applications puts NCIL in the position of potentially having to monitor and judge compliance with membership criteria; and

WHEREAS, NCIL does not exist to monitor and critique its members, their staff and Board makeup, their philosophy and their advocacy and services activities; and

WHEREAS, the current membership criteria may be creating barriers to new membership and renewal of existing membership,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: NCIL abolish its current membership application process requiring signing documents, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Upon payment of appropriate dues, it shall be assumed that a member automatically supports NCIL’s mission, goals, advocacy priorities and the IL philosophy; copies of which shall be forwarded to all members annually with a notation that they are what the dues and membership support.

Respectfully submitted by: Mike Oxford, President