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NASILC and the IL-NET T&TA Center for Independent Living Present… A National Webinar – SILCs and the Importance of Autonomy: Power Struggles and Relationships with the DSE and the IL Network

September 1, 2021; 3:00 – 4:30 PM Eastern

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The IL-NET T&TA Center for Independent Living is collaborating with the National Association of Statewide Independent Living Councils (NASILC) to bring you this new webinar on SILC autonomy and problems that exist between SILCs and the DSE. Our panelists will explore the critical importance of SILC autonomy and real world solutions for working through issues between the SILC and DSE (designated state entity). Join us for this highly interactive panel discussion to get the support you need with your SILCs issues around autonomy and working with your DSE.

Registration Fee: This event is free-of-charge.

Target Audience: SILC members and officers, SILC directors, and SILC staff.

What you will Learn

  • Statutory requirements relating to SILC independence and autonomy, SILC standards and assurances, and DSE assurances.
  • What is meant by “autonomy” and what that looks like for SILCs.
  • Examples of how SILCs maintain, ensure, or reinforce its independence and autonomy with the DSE and the IL network.

Your Panelists

FranSha’ Anderson is the Executive Director for the Arkansas State Independent Living Council located in Little Rock, Arkansas. She serves on the NASILC board as the Region 6 Rep. as well as the NCIL board as Region 6 Rep. FranSha’ is a co-chair of NCIL’s Civic Engagement and Voting Rights and a member of the finance committee. She works diligently to promote independent living and equal access and inclusion for those that live with disabilities. She serves on several local, state, and national boards working to increase the voting power of individuals with disabilities. FranSha’ has presented workshops on all levels to diverse groups to educate on voting rights. She advocates advancing equity and inclusion for individuals with disabilities and individuals of color through systems change and government accountability.

Kathy Cooper is the Executive Director for the SILC of Kansas. She has a long history of IL service and advocacy in KS and before her work at the SILC worked for two different CILs in KS as the Director of HCBS and a Legislative Advocate. Kathy is currently the Chair of NASILC, a SILC Peer Mentor and a Board member of the Kansas Institute for Positive, Healthy, and Inclusive Communities (KIPHIC). Outside of work her passions include horses, barrel racing and cooking.

Amber O’Haver is Executive Director of the Indiana SILC. Prior to this, she worked as Deputy Director for accessABILITY, Center for Independent Living and as the Center’s Housing Program Manager. O’Haver started with accessABILITY as one of its Independent Living Advocates beginning in August 2011. Prior to her work with accessABILITY, O’Haver worked as a Disability Marketing and Patient Care Consultant for a medical supply company and as a Public Relations Specialist for the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana. O’Haver has worked and volunteered as a disability activist since 1997, the same year she acquired her own disability. Steadfast in fighting for the rights of her peers with disabilities, she is a member of the Back Home in Indiana Alliance Steering Committee and ADA-Indiana Steering Committee and serves as Chair of the Commission for Indiana Disability Rights (the state’s Protection & Advocacy organization). She was also appointed last year to the Indiana Commission on Rehabilitation Services and is its new Membership & Outreach Committee Chair. O’Haver also sits on the NASILC Board of Directors and serves as its Advocacy Committee Chair, the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community Consumer Advisory Council and is a Board of Directors Member for the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (FHCCI). In the past, she served on the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Sports Program Board of Directors and the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Disability for Marion County. O’Haver received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and completed her graduate course work in Public Relations at Ball State University. Amber lives in Avon, IN with her husband, Chad, and their adopted rescue dog, Nugget.

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