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Information Alert: Disability EmpowHer Network Announces Mentoring & Leadership Training Opportunities for Girls & Young Women with Disabilities

Source: Disability EmpowHer Network

Disability EmpowHer Network is excited to announce two mentoring and leadership training opportunities for girls and young women with disabilities across the nation: EmpowHer Camp and A Letter from a Role Model.

EmpowHer Camp is a multi-stage skill-building, empowerment, and mentoring program that brings a diverse group of girls with disabilities (ages 13 -17) to camp with successful disabled women mentors in the Adirondacks for one week to learn about disaster preparedness and basic survival skills, while also developing independent living and leadership skills. The girls will be invited to Washington, D.C. the next summer for a reunion trip to explore how they have grown as leaders, meet with leaders in emergency management and the Disability Community, and meet with Congress to discuss inclusive disaster preparedness. During the year between the first trip and the reunion trip, the girls will create a yearlong local project involving inclusive disaster strategies.

A Letter from a Role Model is our introductory mentoring initiative that matches girls with disabilities (ages 8 -18) with a successful disabled woman to write them a letter of encouragement! Adults can nominate a disabled girl to receive a letter from a mentor or she can nominate herself by telling us about her background, interests, and struggles. Disability EmpowHer Network then matches her with a successful disabled woman who will write a letter sharing her own struggles and successes, and plenty of words of wisdom!

To learn more about our programs please visit To nominate a girl with a disability to receive a letter or to attend EmpowHer Camp, visit

Want to talk about empowering girls and women with disabilities? Contact Stephanie Woodward at [email protected].


Disability EmpowHer Network was founded by Stephanie Woodward and Leah Smith, two proud disabled women who are driven by their commitment to the Disability Community and bringing more girls and women with disabilities to the forefront. Disability EmpowHer Network values disabled women and believes in the potential of girls and young women with disabilities to succeed. Through multi-stage skill-building, empowerment, and mentoring programs, Disability EmpowHer Network empowers girls with disabilities to live to their full potential and have the confidence to lead.

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