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In the Wake of Hurricane Dorian, Donate to NCIL’s Disaster Relief Fund

Hurricane Dorian is closing in on the coast of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Thousands of people have already been displaced in the Bahamas as the storm moved through. People with disabilities in the disaster-affected areas are at risk for institutionalization – and once in an institution, they may never get out.

The core service of diversion and transition takes on new urgency during a disaster. In fact, during Hurricane Florence, staff from one North Carolina Center for Independent Living “provided significant guidance and technical assistance that ultimately prevented all but six of over one hundred evacuees from being institutionalized”, according to the National Council on Disability.

But CILs can’t provide these services if they themselves are damaged or destroyed. That’s where you come in.

Your contribution to NCIL’s Disaster Relief Fund enables Centers for Independent Living that are damaged or destroyed in disasters to get back to providing crucial services for people with disabilities as soon as possible. Make a donation todaypeople with disabilities in the path of Hurricane Dorian are depending on you.