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Biden-Harris Administration Announces Sweeping Set of Executive Actions to Improve Care

Today, NCIL Executive Director Theo Braddy joined President Biden as he signed an Executive Order with over 50 directives aimed at increasing support for care workers and family caregivers. These orders included:

  • Making child care and long-term care more affordable and accessible for people with disabilities, older adults, and families;
  • Providing veterans with better access to home-based care;
  • Supporting family caregivers; and
  • Improving the job quality for long-term care workers.

For more information on the Executive Order, see the full Fact Sheet (

NCIL commends the Biden administration for its commitment to improve care for people with disabilities. We look forward to continuing to work with this Administration and advocating for access to consumer controlled personal care programs and home and community-based services for people with disabilities.


  • NCIL Executive Director Theo Braddy, a Black man with a salt and pepper beard and a power wheelchair sits amongst guests at the outdoor signing ceremony.
  • Theo Braddy sits to the left of President Biden as he signs the Executive Order from a table with the Presidential seal at the front.
  • President Biden turns toward Theo Braddy during the signing of the Executive Order. A crowd of approximately 14 people stand behind the President observing.
  • Theo Braddy shakes President Biden’s hand.