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Action Alert: The Time to Act on the UN CRPD Is Now!

Ashton Rosin

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has officially scheduled the next hearing on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) for this Tuesday, November 5th at 2:30 pm Eastern in Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room 419!

CRPD LogoAttending the Hearing

We must have an overwhelmingly strong presence from people with disabilities and advocates of the disability community at this hearing as a sign of our strength and determination in getting the CRPD ratified in the U.S. For those interested and able to attend the meeting, please RSVP now and spread the word! The accessible entrance for the Dirksen Senate Office Building is located at the 1st Street and C Street entrance.

Reaching out to your Senator

Your contribution is certainly not limited to attending the hearing. We can and must all take part! It is vital that we continue to call, email, and send letters to our Senators to show them how passionate we are about ratifying a fundamental document that asserts the human rights of people with disabilities. Make your voice heard by visiting and resending letters to your Senator in support of CRPD ratification.

Senator Menendez, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has been receiving countless calls in opposition to the CRPD. We cannot let the CRPD be defeated by 5 votes again. NCIL Members in New Jersey, Senator Menendez’s home state, should call his office now to demonstrate their undying support for this extremely important effort! You can reach the Senator by contacting Margaret Taylor at [email protected] and Davina Burgess at [email protected].

We are calling on members of the Independent Living Movement who are constituents of Senators who sit on the Foreign Relations Committee to call their Senators now! You can find a list of their contact information at the bottom of this posting or visit the site of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for more information.

Target states: GA, TN, AZ. But, our full list of targets includes: TN, MS, OH, OK, AZ, GA, NE, WI, NE, MO, IN and AR.

Sign a Petition

Please continue to sign and disseminate petitions to your friends, family, peers, organizations, and fellow grassroots advocates. Currently, the following petitions are being circulated! 

This is the time to act and advocate. We need a diverse range of support to demonstrate the necessity for the CRPD’s ratification!

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Contacts

  1. John McCain (AZ): Chris Brose [email protected]
  2. Jeff Flake (AZ): Colleen Donnelly [email protected]
  3. Barbra Boxer (CA): Ann Norris [email protected]
  4. Chris Murphy (CT): Tovan McDaniel [email protected]
  5. Chris Coons (DE): Halie Soifer [email protected]
  6. Marco Rubio (FL): Victor Cervino [email protected]
  7. Jim Risch (ID): Chris Socha [email protected]
  8. Dick Durbin (IL): Chris Homan [email protected]
  9. Rand Paul (KY): Rachel Bovard [email protected]
  10. Ed Markey (MA): Justin Slaughter [email protected]
  11. Ben Cardin (MD): Algene Sajery [email protected]
  12. Jeanne Shaheen (NH): Chad Kreikmeier [email protected]
  13. Robert Menendez (NJ): Margaret Taylor [email protected]; and Davina Burgess, [email protected]
  14. Tom Udall (NM): Matt Padilla [email protected]
  15. Bob Corker (TN): John Zadrozny [email protected]; and Sarah Downs [email protected]
  16. Tim Kaine (VA): Sergio Aguirre [email protected]
  17. Ron Johnson (WI): Lydia Westlake [email protected]
  18. John Barrasso (WY): Amber Bland [email protected]