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2014 FUN RUN for Disability Rights: Raise Funds for Your Organization, NCIL, and ADAPT!

We have an opportunity to participate in FUN RUN for Disability Rights, a grassroots fundraising event that will benefit NCIL, National ADAPT, and your CIL or SILC!

All funds raised will be split 50% to your organization, 25% to NCIL and 25% to National ADAPT. All funds raised are tax deductible.

  • FUN RUN for Disability Rights 2014 Logo - Rights worth fighting for!To begin, become listed as a participating organization on the National ADAPT FUN RUN website by contacting Bob Kafka by email at or by phone at 512-431-4085. Please provide your organization’s name and contact information.
  • Next, people who want to support your organization need to register for the FUN RUN at When they register they will be asked which organization they want to support. Instruct them to select your organization.
  • Supporters will also be asked if they will walk, run, roll or jog. There is also an option called a virtual runner. A virtual runner asks for support but states that they will not be running. Instruct supporters who will not be able to travel to DC to select virtual runner.
  • After a supporter registers, they will receive their own personal link, which directs to a webpage with their personal message asking people to sponsor them. To recruit sponsors, supporters can send the link via email and / or social media. This link will be found on the registered runner’s Dashboard at the “Recruiting Sponsors” tab. [See an example…]
  • Each time a pledge is made, the registered FUN RUNNER will receive an email telling them about the pledge. 
  • For accountability, any FUN RUNNER can login to the website, go to their Dashboard, and find a “Reports” tab that will contain their “individual” information, including their sponsors and whether or not those sponsors have paid. In addition, there is an “organization” report that lists all the other people registered supporting your organization and how much they have raised (total).
  • All sponsor information is private. ADAPT does not use this information for any future fundraising or any other purpose. This information is solely for your organization’s use. ADAPT will delete the information after the FUN RUN.
  • Approximately one week after the FUN RUN, ADAPT will send out an e-bill for those sponsors who have not yet paid. A second e-bill will be sent two weeks later.
  • You can expect your split and a final report in the early part of June.

I want to encourage your Center for Independent Living or Statewide Independent Living Council to participate. If you have any questions please contact Bob Kafka (information above) or Bruce Darling, who has had great success recruiting sponsors. Bruce can be reached by email at or by phone at 585-370-6690.

Thank you for your support,

Kelly Buckland
Executive Director
National Council on Independent Living

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