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Women Owned Small Business Offers Cutting Edge, “Green” Sign Language Interpreting Services

People using virtual interpretingIt was after watching a news story about a middle school student who is Deaf that Teresa Von Loh and Linda Deichsel decided to establish their company, Virtual VRI (Video Remote Interpreting). This particular student was in a mainstream classroom environment for several years without access to a Sign Language interpreter because none were available in her small, rural town.  They are both nationally certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, and all of their contractors are as well. In addition, they have many years of interpreting experience in a wide variety of settings.

Needless to say, Teresa and Linda are incredibly passionate about the Video Remote Interpreting services they provide, and they offer the most cost effective hourly rates in the VRI industry. Since VRI is offered via the internet instead of an interpreter having to drive to the location, the service is also eco-friendly. 

To access Virtual VRI services, all that is needed is a web-cam equipped computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android and a high-speed internet connection to download the web conferencing system they utilize. Facetime can also be used. VRI works in a variety of settings, such as college classes, doctor or counseling appointments, meetings at Vocational Rehab or Centers for Independent Living—just about anywhere there is high-speed internet access. For more information, please visit their website ( and check out their Youtube videos at

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