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Washington Examiner Op-Ed: Don’t Mess with the Home-Care Exemption for Those with Disabilities

By Kelly Buckland, NCIL Executive Director

Thousands of American families daily face the difficult decision of how to secure in-home services for themselves or a loved one.

For an individual with disabilities or an elderly person, remaining in the home rather than an institutionalized setting is of paramount importance. Hiring someone to help with daily tasks can make it possible for people to remain in their homes.

Unfortunately, this essential option for in home support is being threatened by the Obama administration without meaningful consideration of the impact it could have on the disability community.

If successful, their policy change will sharply increase the costs of in-home services, force people with disabilities to bring multiple people into their homes, reduce the availability of family and friend attendants and cut the take home pay of attendants.

At issue is an exemption in a 75-year-old law called the “Fair Labor Standards Act,” which guarantees qualified workers a minimum wage and overtime pay.

Read Kelly’s full Op-Ed at the Washington Examiner.

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