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Take Action to FREE OUR PEOPLE During the NCIL Annual Conference!

On Tuesday, July 23, during NCIL’s Annual Conference on Independent Living, we will be having our Annual March to and Rally at the U.S. Capitol. Following the Rally, most people do Hill Visits and meet with members of Congress. Typically, people use the free time following their visits to do some sight-seeing, buy souvenirs, or get something cold to drink after being out in the heat. This year, you have the opportunity to use your free time to make some history!


We have secured a historic number of House co-sponsors for the Disability Integration Act (H.R. 555). As of this writing, there are 232 DIA House co-sponsors. We not only have a majority of the House of Representatives; a majority of members for every committee of jurisdiction are co-sponsors of the bill. In January, we called on the House to pass the DIA while NCIL would be in town. With this many co-sponsors, some people expect the House to do that. After all, we have enough co-sponsors to pass the bill. Despite widespread support for DIA, Representative Frank Pallone, Chair of the Energy and Commerce (E&C) Committee, has decided the bill isn’t going to move.

Representative Pallone has such tight control over the committee and its staff that even Congresswoman Eshoo, Chair of the E&C Health Subcommittee, despite her personal support for the bill, is unable to give it a hearing. Frank Pallone should know better. Democrats are supposed to be champions of civil rights, not defenders of an unjust status quo. Even worse, he had promised to cosponsor the legislation during the 2018 campaign season!

There is someone who can fix this, though: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi!

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is responsible for leading the House of Representatives, and she has the power to ensure that the Disability Integration Act (H.R. 555) moves forward so that disabled Americans are no longer locked away in nursing facilities and other institutions. The disability community has called on Speaker Pelosi to move this legislation forward to a full House floor vote before the end of the first session of the 116th Congress. Speaker Pelosi holds the fate of our community in her hands.

Take Action Today!

We have prepared a national sign on letter by individuals who support the Disability Integration Act calling on Speaker Pelosi to advance the DIA so that it can go to the House floor for a vote.

Make History on the Hill!

This year, use your free time after your Hill Visits to make some history! A group of individual advocates and activists will be gathering at 3:30 p.m. to take action on the Hill. More information will be provided prior to the March and Rally.


  1. Pilar Cole says

    Civil Rights Are Disability Rights,”Free Our People!

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