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Survey on the Experiences of Pregnant Women with Physical Disabilities

The Mongan Institute of Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital is interested in learning about pregnancy experiences of women that have trouble walking or using their arms.

If you have a trouble walking or using your arms, became pregnant and had a baby, they would be interested in talking with you. They are doing interviews with women to find out about health care experiences during their pregnancy and right after birth.

This research study is being run by researchers at The Mongan Institute of Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital. It is funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. To thank you for being interviewed, they will pay you with a $50.00 gift card.

To volunteer, you must:

  • Use a cane, crutches, walker, wheelchair, or scooter
  • have had a baby within the last 10 years 
  • live in the United States
  • speak English
  • be over 21 years of age

Your participation in the interview is voluntary. The interview will be tape recorded. The tape will be destroyed when the project is done. Nothing will happen to any services you receive if you decide not to take part. Your identity will be kept confidential. Your name will not be connected with anything you say in the interview. We will not tell anyone that you were interviewed. Information from these interviews will be used in final reports and articles, but in a way that does not identify you.

Interested? Please contact Amy Wint at 617-724-0930. Please leave your name, e-mail address and/or phone number so that they may contact you.

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