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Stop the Attack on Public Transportation! Join the National Call-In Day February 9, 2012


Phoenix Accessible Light RailWe need your help to defeat H.R. 7, the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act, which is Sponsored by Rep. John Mica (R-FL), Chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. It is time for the NCIL community to raise our voices and oppose this legislation!

This bill:

  • eliminates all dedicated funding for public transportation, leaving millions of riders already faced with service cuts and fare increases out in the cold;
  • fails to do enough to create jobs and put Americans back to work, also threatening millions of current transit, construction and manufacturing jobs;
  • ends the tiny amount of funding that helps make dangerous streets and roads safer for children, as well as others on foot or bike; and
  • does not go far enough to ensure that we fix our bridges and roads.


A House committee majority moved their plan forward to harm citizens who ride public transportation, as well as jeopardizing thousands of jobs in the public transit, construction and manufacturing industries.

The House leadership and a key committee ignored broad, bipartisan opposition from across the country, from governors, state transportation officials, health professionals, business organizations, and from across the political spectrum, as well as thousands of messages from voters in their districts.

With this incredible turn of events, this House transportation bill has passed the tipping point, and unfortunately demands our full opposition.

House leaders are preparing to move this bill to the floor very soon. It could be debated by House members as early as this week, and our representatives need to hear from their voters.

You Can Make a Difference

Tell your senators and representatives to VOTE “NO” on H.R. 7, which will limit the ability of people with disabilities to live and work in their own communities. Then, get your family, friends, co-workers and other community members to call in as well!

Contacting Your Legislators

Online: find a senator or representative in your state and click on their contact form to submit your letter. In your letter, identify yourself as a constituent and tell your senator or representative:

“We desperately need a new federal transportation bill, but the proposal being advanced by the House is not it. This would be devastating to my community.”

You may also use the online form provided by Transportation for America to contact your legislators about this issue.

Phone: call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your senators’ and / or representative’s office, or contact your representative’s office directly.

Once connected, ask to speak with an office aide who handles transportation and infrastructure issues. Give them your name and identify yourself as a constituent. Tell the aide:

“Please tell [Name of Senator or Representative] that I want [him or her] to vote NO on H.R. 7, The American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act.”

NCIL thanks our coalition friends at Transportation for America for organizing this National Call-in Day!

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