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Report Your Civil Rights Violations to NCIL!

Dear NCIL Members and Friends,

As you may recall, the law firm of Brown Goldstein and Levy has agreed to work with NCIL to pursue legal action against entities egregiously violating the rights of people with disabilities. Brown Goldstein and Levy is a Baltimore-based firm with a history of defending the rights of people with disabilities on a cross-disability basis. It is our hope that this partnership will help NCIL to carry out our mission on the national level, while impacting our members at the local level.

In addition to securing the legal rights of people with disabilities, initiatives like this can provide NCIL with significant exposure and strengthen our leverage with members of Congress and the White House. This also means that we will increase awareness of issues facing people with disabilities, and also educate the public about civil rights, and how seriously they are being violated all over the country. 

We need your help to make this initiative a success. We are asking our members to help identify instances where the legal rights of people with disabilities have been violated. We are particularly interested in cases where the violations are egregious, and within the following priority areas:

  • Access to public buildings (particularly high-profile government buildings)
  • Transportation services, specifically taxis
  • Parental rights
  • Disregard of the Olmstead Decision (unnecessary institutionalization and segregation)
  • Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs-Sheltered Employment)
  • Voting rights

If you can identify these types of suspected legal violations, or if you have questions about this initiative, please contact Austin Walker, NCIL’s Policy Analyst, by email at

Thank you for your continued support of NCIL and commitment to protecting the rights of people with disabilities.

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