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Support of APRIL’s Efforts to Increase Base Funding for Centers for Independent Living

Approved by the NCIL membership July 2014

Whereas, more than a decade and a half ago, a national effort was undertaken to establish a funding benchmark necessary to operate a Center for Independent Living that was adequately carrying out the duties and responsibilities spelled out in Title VII of the Rehabilitation Act; and

Whereas, that work in the mid 1990’s resulted in about 80%* of the states having set a “base funding” benchmark of $250,000 for their Centers before any funds are directed toward the development of a new Center; and

Whereas, a minimum of $250,000 to deliver the four core services in proportion and with quality, across a multi-county or multi-region service area is no longer adequate; and

Whereas, an examination of methods used to determine inflationary impacts over time, show that the purchasing power of $250,000 in 1995 requires significantly more money in 2012 (the latest year in which the calculations are available) with the current value of $250,000 using the Measuring Worth calculator ( ranging from $377,000 using the Consumer Price Index to $530,000 using the relative share of Gross Domestic Product; and 

Whereas, APRIL engaged in a nationwide survey of Centers for Independent Living in late 2013 and early 2014 using a process and instrument consistent with those used in the mid-1990s; and

Whereas, the results of that process and analysis of the data set of both rural and urban Centers from varying parts of the country show a minimum base funding standard in 2014 is $570,000;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: the National Council on Independent Living supports APRIL’s efforts and activities related to the importance and increase of base funding for Centers for Independent Living; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: The National Council on Independent Living will communicate this position to the membership and to all appropriate policy-making bodies.