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NCIL Ranked As Top 5 High-Impact Organization for People with Disabilities!

We are pleased to announce that NCIL has been named one of the top 5 high-impact nonprofits for people with disabilities by Philanthropedia.

Some of the reviews about our impact from the 74 experts who completed the evaluation were:

  • Using effective community organizing, NCIL calls attention to national legislative issues.
  • NCIL is well positioned with the federal government.
  • NCIL is very effective at organizing people to make their voices heard in Washington DC on issues regarding independent living.
  • NCIL supports self-determination for people with disabilities. Their work is vital to the network of CILs throughout the US. There is strong participation by people with disabilities themselves.Logo - Philanthropedia Top Nonprofit 2013
  • NCIL has good relationships with Obama and key members of Congress.
  • Their chapter, affiliate structure actually works.
  • The organization’s strength is in its wide network of Centers for Independent Living.

Under Areas for Improvement, the experts said that NCIL “needs more capacity in order to do more. They operate with a very small staff.” We couldn’t agree more! That’s why we’re currently fundraising to hire more staff to work for your interests on Capitol Hill. If you are able, please make a donation today!

Read more about what Philanthropedia had to say about NCIL. Philanthropedia (a division of GuideStar) is a nonprofit organization working to help donors make smarter donations by connecting them with some of the highest impact nonprofits in a cause. They are different from other online rating sites or donation sites because they use experts to identify high-impact nonprofits.

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