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NCIL Path to Empowerment for Consumers with SCI Grants

NCIL is excited to announce that we have received a grant through the Craig Neilsen Foundation! NCIL is seeking five (5) to ten (10) Centers for Independent Living (CILs) that are interested in providing programs to enhance the quality of life for people with SCI.

NCIL will provide funding ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 to CILs interested in providing Independent Living, Employment, Assistive Technology or Sports & Recreation programs. Examples include: Independent Living – one-to-one or group IL skills training; one-to-one visits to people with SCI in rehab facilities; one-to-one assistance to individuals wanting to leave nursing homes for more independent living arrangements; Employment – assistance with resume and interview preparation, applying for jobs and learning how to handle disability issues or concerns during the interviewing, hiring and employment process; Assistive technology – assisting consumers in identifying and acquiring necessary technology to enhance independence and quality of life; and Sports & Recreation – programs that teach wheelchair sports, provide fitness, wellness and nutrition opportunities and exercise classes for people with SCI.

NCIL will select the CILs that best demonstrate the capacity and resources necessary to make the greatest impact for consumers with SCI. All program applicants in each focus category must demonstrate the capacity to enhance quality of life for people with SCI. Additionally, applicants should document how they will fulfill the Neilsen Foundation evaluation criteria including impact, innovation, and relevance to the area of focus on traumatic and chronic spinal cord injury; feasibility based on documented experience, expertise, available resources, and organizational commitment; sustainability of proposed project or program; collaboration and demonstration of meaningful community partnerships including the avoidance of duplication of services and demonstration of shared community resources; and clear project evaluation methods. While applicants must communicate how their proposed activities will improve outcomes for consumers with SCI, NCIL acknowledges and appreciates that programs funded under this grant will serve consumers with all types of disabilities. Applicants must be Centers for Independent Living that are members of NCIL.

To apply, interested parties must use the Application Form, which is available in three formats:

The application deadline is 11:59 PM EST, Monday, December 8, 2014. Late applications will not be accepted or considered for funding. Applications must be submitted via email by the application deadline to Tim Fuchs, Operations Director, at

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