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NCIL Member Survey on the Impact of the US DOL & ACA Regulations Governing Self-Directed PAS

By Mike Oxford and Lee Schulz

Dear NCIL Members,

We have both been very involved with advocacy related to the newly-released regulations amending the “companionship exemption” of the Fair Labor Standards Act and with the Affordable Care Act regulations requiring provision of health insurance to certain employees. We have been selected to present a workshop at NCIL’s upcoming 2014 Annual Conference on Independent Living about the impact of these regulations on both self-directed programs and on individuals that self-direct their Personal Assistance Services (PAS).

While it is as yet unclear what the final impact will be on the various states’ programs and the individuals they serve, we thought it would be helpful to NCIL to collect input from members about concerns they might have at this point. Based on anecdotal input that we have received from around the country, we have designed a basic True/False survey to begin the process of gathering data about the impact of these regulations on an extremely fundamental area of independent living – self-directed PAS.

Please take a few moments to answer and return the survey via email or fax by Monday, July 21, 2014, if at all possible.


Mike Oxford & Lee Schulz

Fax: 785-233-1561

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