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NCIL Condemns House Passage of H.R. 620

The National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) strongly condemns the passage of H.R. 620 by the House of Representatives. Despite fierce opposition from the disability community, the House passed a bill that would roll back our right to access and participate in our communities.

The bill was passed by 213 Republicans and 12 Democrats. We are outraged at these Representatives, who deliberately disregarded the objections of their disabled constituents – and over 500 disability organizations – to pass this discriminatory bill.

NCIL logo - National Council on Independent LivingH.R. 620 is a cruel and misguided bill that would weaken the protections afforded us under the Americans with Disabilities Act and create additional obstacles to seeing our rights enforced. Moreover, it would not stop fraudulent lawsuits or solve the problem the bill’s supporters are claiming to address. Nearly 28 years after the passage of the ADA, the passage of H.R. 620 is a disgraceful confirmation of these Representatives’ skewed priorities.

NCIL Executive Director Kelly Buckland said, “H.R. 620 is a shameful bill, and its passage is something the disability community won’t soon forget. Businesses that are breaking the law – 28 years after the ADA was passed – are more important to our Representatives than their disabled constituents. If this bill becomes law, businesses that have refused to comply with the ADA will have absolutely no incentive to do so until they receive notice. This is a shameful day for the country.”

President of the NCIL Board of Directors Bruce Darling said, “Our members of Congress are supposed to represent all of their constituents, and they’ve proven that this is not the case. H.R. 620 tells disabled people one thing: you are not welcome in my district. And make no mistake; we will remember this and hold our Representatives accountable.”

NCIL is grateful to the Representatives who opposed and spoke out against H.R. 620, and to the advocates who took action on this bill. We strongly urge the Senate to not to take up this bill.


  1. Hello my name Larry Topp . I am in a power wheelchair, I would like you know that I and others like myself need to be Independent. We are voters to and we are not second class people . The A.D.A was created about twenty years ago to help the Disabled. And not the President and the Republican Party . please take a all of us that a Citizens of this great Country of Ours the
    Us Of America .

  2. I have lived on my own since my early 20’s. I refuse to go back to where I used to live at. you will have to drag me first. I have support staff that come in to work with Monday-Friday. to help me on things that I would need help with. i’m not a kid that you can tell what to do. I am a 39 yr.old woman who has I/DD.i am a strong SELF-ADVOCATE. i ‘m somebody you cant tell what to eat either.that’s the other problem with our president. its bad having group home staff tell you what you can can cant have. but I live on my own and no body and I repeat nobody can tell me what to eat. that bill about SNAP is crazy. due to some people only get way less than I do.

  3. R. Craig Kaufman says

    I urge the Senate to not consider bill H.R. 620. The disabled deserve all the help those of us not disabled can give them. There but for the grace of God are we.
    R. Craig Kaufman

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