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NCIL Campaign Accessibility Guide Highlighted in Rewire.News Article

On June 25th, Rewire.News covered three notable candidates running in 2018 who are making efforts to include people with disabilities in their campaign’s platform: Cynthia Nixon, Sara Bitter, and state Senator Barbara I’Italien. Beyond covering these campaigns’ policy stances and how they include the disability community, the National Council on Independent Living got a shout-out for its initiative to encourage political campaigns to become more accessible to voters and volunteers with disabilities.

The article quotes NCIL on the importance of campaign accessibility. “Campaigns must connect with their communities and learn about their interests so that they can understand their voters’ needs. If a campaign isn’t accessible, they aren’t able to connect with their community fully, and many prospective voters with disabilities can experience barriers to learning about or participating in a campaign.” The article also draws attention to NCIL’s guide to accessibility and inclusion for campaigns: “Including People with Disabilities in Your Political Campaign: A Guide for Campaign Staff.” Read more: “Three Candidates This Year Are Embracing the Disability Community – But Others Are Still Catching Up.”

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