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National Forum on Disability Issues: T Minus Five Weeks!

National Forum on Disability Issues LogoThe 2012 National Forum on Disability Issues is five weeks away, and we are gaining more momentum each day in getting the candidates to Columbus.  However, we need your help to continue to grow that energy that will bring President Obama, Governor Romney, Senator Brown, and Treasurer Mandel to the NFDI on September 28.

Please consider taking the following three simple steps to spread the word about the NFDI:

  • Facebook: Friend us, and share the posts frequently with your audience.
  • Twitter: Follow us, and RT messages frequently, always using #nfdi2012
  • Invite: Encourage your members and staff to write a letter, compose a tweet, make a video, or take a photo and send it to the candidates.  Tell them why YOU want them to speak at the NFDI, and what disability policies matter to you.   More voices = increased likeliness the candidates will attend!  View draft letters and get contact information.

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