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National Council on Independent Living 2018 Annual Report

Dear Advocates and Friends,

We are pleased to announce that NCIL’s 2018 Annual Report is now available at our website.

Peace in my mind,
Love in my heart,
When my friend can have his way and his part,
A home from the start.

I’m so proud of the amazing work the Independent Living community accomplished in 2018.

The beauty of NCIL is that you, our members and supporters, run the show. In 2018, you fought attacks on the Americans with Disabilities Act, gained the support of a record number of co-sponsors for the Disability Integration Act, testified about the devastating impact of Electronic Visit Verification, and spoke out against policies that would limit access to opioids for people with chronic pain. Your tireless advocacy made all the difference.

The poem above is from 8 year old Solen Duwell-Le Bihan, and was submitted as part of the Disability Integration Act Children’s Art Contest. The artwork created through that project, which is featured throughout this report, makes me hopeful about our future. It also speaks to the urgent need to create a world in which all people with disabilities are truly valued equally and participate fully.

We’ll keep working towards that future. Even in these difficult times, we have been able to fight off some of the most egregious threats to our rights we’ve ever been faced with, and we have come together to celebrate the few but hard-won victories we’ve been able to secure. I am more certain than ever that we will move forward, relying on Independent Living principles, to overcome the challenges we face together.

NCIL continues to provide first class member benefits, including training and technical assistance, insurance benefits, and a world class Annual Conference. Most importantly, NCIL provides its members with representation on Capitol Hill, ensuring that our voices are heard by those with the power to enact our priorities. I hope you will join us as we build a future of independence for all. 

For these reasons and so many more, I ask that you become a NCIL member. In Washington, DC and in every state, Independent Living advocates will work on every front until we achieve a world in which people with disabilities are truly valued equally and participate fully.


Kelly Buckland
Executive Director

NCIL 2018 Annual Report Cover Art: Cover image features multi-colored triangles, a yellow sun, and six photos: 1. A NCIL member holds a sign that reads, “I [heart] Independent Living”; 2. Jackson Cokley, age 7, dances at the 2018 Closing Social; 3. A NCIL Member holds a sign that reads, “Disability Rights Are Civil Rights”; 4. Two NCIL members hug each other and smile for the camera at the 2018 Annual Conference; 5. A NCIL Member holds a sign that reads, “Justice not Just Us”; 6. Stephanie Woodward and Yoshiko Dart hug each other while Stephanie holds an award from the NCIL Women’s Caucus. Image stretches across the front and back cover of the report.

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