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Information Alert: FY 2013 RSA Formula Grant Awards and the Impact of Sequestration

We Need $ to Free Our People 2009 protest signThe following communication was issued by RSA on Friday, April 5, 2013.

Dear Grantee:

RSA is in the process of finalizing FY 2013 funding amounts for formula grant programs based on the full year continuing resolution and the sequester reductions. We are currently awaiting approval of RSA’s apportionment request from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Once the apportionment request is approved, RSA uses the program formulas to determine the specific amounts to be awarded to grantees. While we anticipate issuing grant awards soon, it may take two weeks or more from the time OMB approves the apportionment request to the issuance of the Grant Award Notices. In the meantime, we are providing the information below regarding the impact of the implementation of the sequester on formula grant programs.

For the Supported Employment, Client Assistance, Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights, Assistive Technology State Grants, Protection and Advocacy for Assistive Technology, State Independent Living Services, and Independent Living Services for Individuals Who Are Older Blind programs, the FY 2013 appropriation is a reduction of approximately 5.23 percent from each program’s FY 2012 appropriation due to an across-the-board rescission as well as the sequester. The reduced program amount is then processed using the program formula requirements to determine the amounts awarded to grantees. As a result, the actual percentage of the reduction in funds in FY 2013 when compared to the FY 2012 level will vary by grantee. 

We anticipate that you should have sufficient funds to operate until the grant awards are issued, but if this is not the case, please contact David Steele, Fiscal Chief, at (202) 245-6520 or to discuss your particular circumstance.

We recognize the importance of issuing the grant awards as quickly as possible and appreciate your continued patience.

Sue Rankin-White
State Monitoring and Program
Improvement Division
Rehabilitation Services Administration

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