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Hot Off the Press: NCIL 2012 Annual Report

Annual Report Cover2012 was a challenging year for the Independent Living community and our nation. Direct threats to our civil rights came in rapid succession and quickly gained momentum in state and federal administrations and legislatures.

NCIL members mobilized to defeat attacks on Olmstead, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

When bureaucrats tried to toss aside our right to live in the community; when lobbyists tried to convince Congress to weaken accessibility standards; when Congress threatened to slash Medicaid, the safety net that allows many of our brothers and sisters to breathe the free air of independence, we stood united as one people and sent a clear message: not on our watch

As we celebrated our 30th year of advocacy, the challenges we faced in 2012 did not leave our membership weary and beleaguered. As in years and decades past, the Independent Living community has been galvanized and strengthened through trial. Because the Independent Living Movement is a truly grassroots undertaking, we forge strength from adversity, and we will not rest until our mission to see equality for Americans with disabilities is fully realized.

As we reflect on the events the past year, the work left to us grows increasingly urgent. For that reason, I ask that you join the National Council on Independent Living. Your direct participation in the national Independent Living Movement is critical for its success.

NCIL continues to provide first class member benefits, including training and technical assistance, insurance benefits, and a world-class Annual Conference. Most importantly, NCIL provides its members with representation on Capitol Hill, ensuring that our voices are heard by those with the power to enact our priorities. I hope you will join us as we build a future of independence for all.

Open the NCIL 2012 Annual Report in PDF or Word.


Kelly Buckland

NCIL Executive Director

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