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Free Resource: Choice Magazine Listening Provides Best in Magazine Writing for People with Visual and Other Disabilities

Source: Choice Magazine Listening

For more than 50 years, Choice Magazine Listening has been sharing its special selections of literature free of charge with people who have visual impairments or physical disabilities. What makes the service unique is that a team of full-time editors reads over 100 magazines every month in order to share the best writing that illuminates the human experience.

The CML editors choose short stories, poems, interviews and articles, which are then recorded by professional narrators – some of the same voices that may be familiar to you from audiobooks. CML compiles the recordings into 12-hour anthologies, which it sends four times a year to all those enjoying a free subscription. 

CML is a literary service, not a news service. Listeners are treated to writing on just about anything, if it’s good enough for the editors to select for inclusion. Nature, sports, humor, food, fiction, travel, history, the arts – anything goes, just so long as the writing is among the finest to be found in America. CML editors select writing from National Geographic, Smithsonian, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, Scientific American, Harper’s, Time and many more magazines.

In the most recent issue, listeners will learn about the adventures of a man living with a pet owl, and about a woman pondering how to deal with an egret that treats her prized fish pond as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Listeners will find out what ensues when funnyman David Sedaris decides to use an electronic fitness monitor to keep track of his activity. Another selection focuses on the shining optimism and struggle of a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder. The CML editors select writing on a wide range of subjects, so every listener always hears something compelling.

To appreciate the world-class writing in Choice Magazine Listening’s quarterly anthology, subscribe now to hear it for yourself. It is completely free of charge to anyone who has visual, physical, reading, and other disabilities. Please call 1-888-724-6423 or 516-883-8280 for more information. You will speak to a real person who will be happy to help. And when you’ve become one of the tens of thousands of happy subscribers, don’t forget to tell your friends about Choice Magazine Listening so they too can enjoy hearing the best magazine writing in America.


  1. I want to have my book read,and narrated./edited

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