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CIL Community Fund-Raising Idea: Join ADAPT’s FUN*RUN for Disability Rights!

fun run logoFor the FUN*RUN for Disability Rights, FUN*RUNNERS get friends, family members and others to sponsor them to jog, walk, run, roll or ride around a quarter-mile track as many times as they can in 1 hour.

FUN*RUNNERS contact people they know by e-mail, snail mail, phone or in person to get pledges. ADAPT splits the amount raised with the organization designated by the FUN*RUNNER.

This is not a traditional FUN*RUN–it’s not a race! People from 5 to 105 can join the fun—from athletes to couch potatoes. They can walk, run, skip, waddle or roll around the quarter-mile track at whatever pace they please. Well-known community leaders can raise a lot of money for your organization. 

How much can we raise doing the FUN*RUN?

  • The average FUN*RUNNER does 15-20 laps in 1 hour.
  • The average FUN*RUNNER raises approximately $200

Example: Your organization’s total revenue: 10 FUN*RUNNERS X $200 = $2,000. Your organization gets: $1,000. ADAPT gets: $1,000.

What do we have to do?

The key to a successful FUN*RUN is getting out runners who are willing to get pledges. Your job is to get runners with pledges to show up the day of the FUN*RUN. Getting FUN*RUNNERS is easy! Getting pledges is usually easy, too. All you have to do is ask!

Raise the funds your organization needs! Join ADAPT in the FUN*RUN for Disability Rights! For more information, contact Bob Kafka by phone at 512-442-0252 or by email at Find out more about the FUN*RUN at

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