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An Update from the NCIL Housing Subcommittee

The Housing Subcommittee has been busy monitoring the housing bills and the appropriations discussions in Congress. The three bills that the Subcommittee is following are: the Inclusive Home Design Act of 2013 (H.R. 2352), the Common Sense Housing Investment Act (H.R. 1213), and the Housing Fairness Act of 2013 (H.R. 285). The reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has been an important topic given the potential impact on future production of affordable housing and the funding of the National Housing Trust Fund.

The Housing Subcommittee also gave feedback to researchers at the University of Montana Rural Institute on Disability and Research regarding housing issues that CILs see. We are excited by their focus on home accessibility and usability, and look forward to seeing the results of their research.

The Housing Subcommittee has reviewed the disability and the housing accessibility results of the American Housing Survey of some communities. The new component of the survey that asks respondents in selected communities about their housing accessibility is a potentially important tool for advocates. We have reached out to some parties for further information and have heard that some institutions will be analyzing the data more closely.

The Housing Subcommittee is looking for potential members with a strong interest in housing issues. Please contact Brian Peters at


  1. Linda L Halvorson says

    I’ve had MS for 40 years. I also worked as a vocational rehabilitation evaluator and am active in the IL movement, so these issues are huge for me. We built a completely accessible house 6 years ago all on one level with all the things needed to keep me as independent as possible.

    Friends nearing retirement with knee problems, hip issues, and entering chronic health conditions are only starting to realize these issues and as I am one of the huge baby boomer crew, this will be an increasing issue. Glad to see Congress is putting forth these efforts.

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