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ADAPT Storms DC, Pushes for Community Integration on Several Fronts

Source: ADAPT Action Reports, By Tim Wheat

ADAPTers hands chained to White House FenceOn Sunday, May 4, National ADAPT hosted Shaun Donovan, the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, at the Holiday Inn Capitol in downtown Washington DC to question him directly about the progress of HUD at complying with the 1999 Olmstead decision. ADAPT also received a sincere farewell from Senator Tom Harkin, who retires from the US Senate this year; but stated that he was not retiring from the fight for disability rights. Read the Sunday Action Report.

On Monday, May 5, About 40 ADAPT activists were arrested at the American Nurses Association headquarters in Silver Springs, Maryland demanding the ANA support efficient and effective changes that will keep people with disabilities out of expensive institutions. ADAPT activists blocked the doors and elevators to the ANA building just to try to talk with the Nursing Organization. Read the Monday Action Report.

On Tuesday, May 6, Dawn Russell and five other ADAPT members met with the President’s staff, with the bulk of the ADAPT group in front of the White House singing and chanting their support for the Community Integration Act (CIA).

“They want us to get the legislation right,” said Dawn Russell of Denver ADAPT. “The White House supports the idea and will use its bully-pulpit because the Administration is excited about working with ADAPT on the ideas; but they cannot commit to anything because there is no legislation in Congress yet.”

Following the meeting at the White House, the entire group marched north to the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. A natural ally, ADAPT felt that it was essential to remind the Leadership Conference that Disability Rights are Civil Rights. Read the Tuesday Action Report.

On Wednesday, May 7, ADAPT visited the Hall of States and met with the National Governor’s Association Deputy Director of Policy, David Quam. ADAPT is asking the NGA to support a resolution to delay the Department of Labor Rules that impact personal attendants in each state and will increase the number of people that are forced into expensive institutions.

Following the rainy meeting at the Hall of States, ADAPT divided up to keep a commitment to Senator Harkin to attempt to pass the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. ADAPT sent teams of activists to each Senator’s office to directly explain why CRPD was important. While the Treaty is not ADAPT’s issue, out of respect for Sen. Harkin, ADAPT members wished to do what we could to advance the CRPD. Read the Wednesday Action Report.

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