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2013 Annual Conference on Independent Living Call for Workshop Proposals

2013 Conference Logo RE:GENERATION

NCIL’s 2013 Annual Conference on Independent Living will take place July 24-27, at the Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC. This year’s Conference is an opportunity for new leadership, new ideas, and growth! The theme of the entire event will be regeneration, from the perspectives of all of the generations, communities, populations, and people that make the Independent Living Movement vibrant and powerful! One of the hallmarks of our Movement and organizations is peer support. We must share and learn from each other if we are to continue to organize and succeed.

Let us come together next July to gain new perspective from young advocates, learn from the success of veteran leaders, and ensure we are representing everyone in our communities back home. We will take time to learn about the issues affecting young people with disabilities, communicate strategies for making our Movement truly representative of all people with disabilities, share effective ways to include and empower new advocates, and provide a forum to develop proactive systems advocacy action and solutions to barriers new and old! 

It is with these goals in mind that the National Council on Independent Living seeks workshops for our 2013 Annual Conference on the following issues:

  • Young Leaders, Youth Programs, Outreach, and Issues Affecting Young People with Disabilities
  • Diversity, Cultural Competence, and Outreach to Underrepresented People and Communities
  • Empowerment and Individual Advocacy Skills for “new” consumers and advocates
  • Innovative Strategies for Addressing Systems Advocacy Issues Head-on

We will come together to share our strengths, embrace new leadership, and ensure our freedom and independence as individuals and a Movement of people with disabilities!

As always, NCIL’s Annual Conference Committee also encourages conference workshops that seek to improve the skills and resources of staff to carry out the four core services of CILs and operate strong SILCs.

Submit a workshop proposal.

Important Information for Presenters:

  1. Presenters and facilitators are not exempt from registration fees. Presenters must register and pay for all days they plan to attend; presenters that attend only their session and no other events do not need to pay.
  2. NCIL is unable to pay travel expenses or honoraria to any presenter or facilitator.
  3. Our attendees expect, and learn best when provided with print outs of presentation slides and relevant handout materials. To increase education and the application of concepts, we strongly encourage presenters to provide handouts. All handouts must be available in accessible formats. Information on preparing accessible formats is available from NCIL staff. Accessible formats include: Braille, Large Print (18 pt. bold), Audio (read aloud on CD), AND Electronic (plain text on CD or USB drive).

Deadline for Submission is Tuesday, January 8, 2013. No proposals will be accepted after 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

Deadline for Audio Visual requests and/or modifications is Friday, June 15, 2013.

This Call for Presenters is the only request for speakers, group facilitators, or poster presentations that will be issued. NCIL Annual Conference Subcommittee carefully reviews each proposal and selects those which are, as a whole, relevant to this year’s Conference theme and valuable to a cross-section of CIL, SILC, and IL Association staff, board members, consumers, and other IL advocates. No preference will be given to NCIL committees or affiliates.

Please Note: NCIL is unable to pay travel expenses or honoraria to any presenter. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Due to the growing number of participants at the NCIL conference, we can no longer offer a maximum attendee cut-off. Nor can we offer to have rooms set any other way than theatre style. We regret any inconvenience that this may cause to your presentation should it be accepted and ask that you keep this information in mind when submitting your proposal.

Time: Workshop sessions run for one hour and fifteen minutes. If your presentation will take longer, you must apply for a series of workshops.

The Conference Committee will review all proposals received by the deadline. The decisions of the Committee are final. Proposal presenters and facilitators will be notified by Friday, February 22, 2013 about whether or not they have been selected to make a presentation or facilitate a group at the Conference in July 2013.

If you have any questions about this form or the work of the Committee, please contact Angela Rasmussen at

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